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DOC vs. DOCX Explained | docx | Mythamthiennhienviet

DOC vs. DOCX Explained

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DOC vs. DOCX Explained

DOC vs. DOCX Explained

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関連記事をもっと見るDOC vs. DOCX Explained.

What’s the difference between the .doc and .docx extensions used by Microsoft Word? Freshbooks message: Head over to and ….

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DOC vs. DOCX Explained

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41 thoughts on “DOC vs. DOCX Explained | docx | Mythamthiennhienviet”

  1. Be careful.
    OpenXML format (docx, xlsx, etc) is not open !
    Spécifications provided by Microsoft are intentionnaly bad, and other office suites had to reverse engineer the OpenXML format.
    Compatibility is trash.
    *Don't ever use proprietary formats for documents*.
    Always use open formats, like this we can assure future compatibility, or atleast full conversion.
    OpenDocument is currentlh the most avanced open format for documents.

  2. When I watch a video from someone for the first time and they tell me to subscribe and bell within the first 3 seconds of the video, I usually don't watch the other seconds. This is no exception.

  3. I support microsoft products but I could swear the internal dialog on MSDN back then was more about making mobile versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel that smart phone could read or use via subscription services in a browser then to make it easier for google Docs, open Office etc… capable of reading them.

  4. You know that there's actually 4 major versions of .docx, right? Not compatible with each other, only one is an actual standard and Microsoft took 6 years to implement it because of how different it was from their initial proposal, right? And that Microsoft only actually started opening their format because some countries had mandated an ISO-approved document format for data storage – and chose Open Document Format, that Microsoft had refused to implement?

    So, to prevent that from happening, they dumped their binary formats to XML and kept most formatting informations obfuscated, then tried to push it through ECMA to ISO's fast track process, where even though they stacked committees with paid shills (that forced ISO to actually change its acceptance process) there were so many bugs (1000+) in their submitted spec that it was refused until a complete rewrite (office open XML strict) was done … And first implemented in LibreOffice!

  5. Docx is only an open standard in the sense that it's open just enough for Microsoft to be able to claim it is. Back 2007 when it was introduced, even MS Office couldn't render the published "open" version properly and used a closed version internally.

  6. As someone who uses Libreoffice and have a boss who, for some absurd reason that only him knows, uses .doc WHILE using a fork of OpenOffice that is at least 5 years old and refuses to upgrade, I just wanna die every time I have to open a document that he sends me.

  7. Sorry I got lost halfway through. My problem is that I've received some minutes in .docx as an attachment to an email which looks ok if I just click on the attachment. However, when I try to open the downloaded version the format is scrambled. I've tried opening it as .doc document but it's still scrambled. So I can't send the minutes to anyone else in my club.

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