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Galaxy S21 5G Waterproof Test | ギャラクシー 防水

Galaxy S21 5G Waterproof Test

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ギャラクシー 防水 更新

Galaxy S21 5G Waterproof Test

Galaxy S21 5G Waterproof Test

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Hello Everyone, Today we are going to unbox and waterproof test Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. It was released on 2021, January 29.

What we have is the SM-G9910 versions of Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. It equipped with the Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 chip.

The box comes with a phone, a data cable and a charger adapter. That’s all

There are protective film on the front and back of the phone

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Samsung S21 designed with an all-new seamless metal camera.

This 6.2 inches display looks good. We get the smooth viewing experienceand.
S21 features with Dynamic AMOLED 2X and adaptive 120Hz display that makes scrolling feel faster than before.

Galaxy S21 is the official IP68 phone still. Let’s see the waterproof test.

There is oleophobic layer on the screen, Water droplets can slide quickly across the screen.

We pouring water on S21 and waveing the phone on water. Nothing happened.

Now,we use high pressure gun 360 degree shower our Samsung Galaxy S21.

After this 2 minutes shower test, Galaxy S21 showed no pressure at all. It can handle to make a phone call in the rainstorm.

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The second test. We put S21 in a small fish tank for 10 minutes. No bubble comes out and touch normal.

Let’s get start the IP68 waterproof test now.Up to 1.5meter for 30 mins. We sent S21 into a 1.5 meter water tube now.

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Galaxy S21 stayed under 1.5 meters of water for half hour but without a single bubble come out.

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30mins later. We take S21 out of water. The phone is still working normally.

Next, we teardown Samgung S21 to check water intake or not.Heat and remove back cover.

No water droplets were found.
Keep disassembling the phone. No waterdroop.

Above is the watertest for Samsung Galaxy S21. Samsung’s S series will keep IP68 Right?

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ギャラクシー 防水

Galaxy S21 5G Waterproof Test

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  1. I DON'T THINK SO. I've got buyers remorse after using the S21 for a few months. Should have purchased the new LG flagship. I had the much older G6 which I had to use again because my S21 had to be shipped to Samsung and repaired. Warning, don't even put the S21 in a humid room or by the pool. I was splashed with droplets of water and the S21 gave me the dreaded, Moisture Detection error where you can only charge your phone via wirelessly. Isn't the phone supposed to survive being submerged in three feet of water for 30 minutes scenario? Yeah, I don't think so.

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