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Steam Link Review – A surprisingly interesting device? | steam link

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Steam Link Review – A surprisingly interesting device?

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Steam Link Review – A surprisingly interesting device?

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We’re a bit late to the party on the Steam Link, but that might not be a bad thing… Are the majority of the Link’s known issues a thing of the past? Crunchyroll link: ….

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Steam Link Review – A surprisingly interesting device?

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42 thoughts on “Steam Link Review – A surprisingly interesting device? | steam link”

  1. never knew this existed, then the valve video for it was in my recommended, now this video, they gotta update this product. I feel like it would be a niche hit, or maybe a fat flop but idk seems worth to try to me

  2. Today I installed steam link on Fire stick and using my DS3 controller connected to pc via bluetooth over 5ghz. I am super surprised. Love this whole thing.

  3. I don't need a steam link because I've got a house and a wife and a life in Canada you losers whom have allowed me to make a hell of a living while talking fast and saying a bunch of numbers mixed with with big words

  4. "that's one of the nice things about reviewing a product months down the line, it tells you if the manufacturer really cares or if they've given up support to work on the next thing.

    This comment didn't age well.

  5. Anyone aware of a similar piece of equipment allowing you to stream your windows on a remote screen and plug a keyboard and mouse to it? I have a work space and a play space that I'd like to keep separate, but only one desktop that I'm tired of moving. Help?

  6. If you're using a wired connection directly to your PC. Go to Steam settings > Remote Play > Advanced Host Options and turn off "Dynamically Adjust Capture Resolution To Improve Performace".

    Latency dropped from something like 69ms to under 20ms (around 13ms to 18ms). It's low enough to play 2D games well.

    I think dynamic resolution is more for wifi which can be a lot more unstable in performance than a wired conection.

    The Steam Link continues to impress me. 🙂

  7. Bought this bad boy for about £12 from a game store when they were discontinuing them, in July 2017. Since then I've been for the most part using it as a remote desktop station, I can pretty much play and do whatever I would on my physical PC, except I can do it when I'm away from home or downstairs.

    A few issues are:

    Need to buy some third party app on the steam store for steamlink plugged microphones (extortion and an absolute joke, I haven't bought it, this should be native.)

    Printscreen button doesn't work

    If you're moving your mouse and click (E.G adjusting camera view in WoW) it will throw your camera way off. Other than that, it's great and extremely convenient.

  8. Got mine for $5 when they discontinued it. Awesome. My smart TV (roku) is just too slow for anything like this to ever work on whatever onboard computer it has. The steam link has enough power to stream my games just fine.

  9. IDRU… the reason I would be using this in the first place is because I can't run a long ethernet cord to the screen in the other room in my house. If I COULD do that, why wouldn't I just pay a little more to run a really long HDMI cord to that screen? So yeah, I'm going to be using this over Wi-Fi.

  10. Got one yesterday 2nd hand, strangely worked over Ethernet to begin with instantly to begin with. Then stopped later in the day when I went to turn it on. But it does work really well for me over 5Ghz wifi until I can work out what is going on.

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